Furthermore, there is another idea of ​​modification for the Suzuki Escudo car

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Furthermore, there is another idea of ​​modification for the Suzuki Escudo car. To be more eccentric, can use airbrush with tribal motif. Then, use 6 point suspension water for the wheels to move independently. For the hood, use a turbo engine & filter like the Toyota Supra V6 combined with Holset 60 AR. With this engine, your car will be very strong to race on a straight track. Not stop there, modifications are also some exterior parts such as air brush, bumper, and lights. For the interior, you should adjust the features with your needs and desires. Do not forget to give a touch on the wheels and legs to be more attractive.


The following modifications also include one of the most total car modification ideas. Is the Honda Brio E type 2014 that tried. For the engine, this car will be very astonishing with the HKS Turbo so its performance is much more powerful. In addition, you also need to modify the legs with coilover GAB and Big Brake Brembo. For external view, can try sunroof RB1, paint color replacement, HID autovision Zenith bulb, and so forth. For interior modifications, can add Murano upholstery, Turbo timer, various indicators, as well as other features such as TV, PlayStation, etc. Estimated cost depends on the amount of replacement. If the total modification, certainly the cost is also very expensive.


You can also follow the tips of this car modification on the Mitsubishi Grandis. First, focus to the interior by replacing the standard seat with the seat of Recaro Style type of Evolution VII. After that, replace the gear lever and pedal with the brand from Ralliart. Steering also did not escape the modification of the product Sparco. To improve performance, you can try ported & polish machine with 3 angle velve seat. For the legs, use 17-inch alloy wheels. The addition of various features will further make your Mitsubishi Grandis more elegant like Vox altitude speakers 2 way, Kenwood 6 inch TV screen, etc.


If you want to modify Isuzu Panther car, can also use the following ideas. for exterior, use custom body wear iron plate and custom bumper using fiber. In addition, rear trunk lid using motorize. For the interior, can consider custom dashboard layers Murano, custom steering wheels, and others. The legs also need to be modified with 24-inch alloy wheels, custom arm, and others. For the engine, use GM 4-bolt and edelbrock cylinder head. Finally, ICE modifications include 8 12-inch subwoofers, 4 monoblock power, 10 7-inch monitors, 8 speakers, etc. That way, your Isuzu Panther will be much more interesting.

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