Do you like to modify cars? Modification of the car is a hobby for some among young people.

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Do you like to modify cars? Modification of the car is a hobby for some among young people. By changing the look and other spec, the car becomes more attractive and cool. However, sometimes we are confused when determining the idea of ​​car modifications. To that end, this article will provide many modification ideas of different types of cars. Guaranteed modifications update and not outdated. Immediately we refer to the following ideas.


First, we will see the idea of ​​a cool car modification of Avanza Veloz 2014. By combining chrome material in various car parts including to wrap 17-inch alloy wheels. In addition, replacing tires with high-speed support will be more aggressive. Can also combine accessories such as headlights with eagel eyes model, anti-heat film glass with 0% UV, and other accessories to seem more relaxed. In addition, it can also give a new touch in the interior. For engine problems, it depends on taste. If you are satisfied, then simply add some desired features then your Avanza car will be very comfortable, attractive and high value.


Want to modify Toyota Yaris to look more gahar and interesting, try these tips and ideas. the first is the coliver part. Shockbreaker coliver is perfect for you who want to change the height and level of car damping. The price is probably about 10 millions. Then, it will be cool if you modify Toyota Yaris with big brake kit.

To replace this, the cost could be around 17 millions. In addition, to add an artistic impression, replace the rim of your car with a wider size 17 inches. To get it, you must be ready to spend around 5 millions. Do not forget the body kit for a more sporty look. If you choose a fiberglass, it costs about 4 millions while the plastic cost 6 millions.

The next car modification idea is for the Honda Jazz. For maximum lighting, replace the headlights with LED DRL. This lamp can also be used for foglamp. In addition, modifications are also required on the side skirts and custom lips. For the legs, use RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL ring 18 inch rims to be more aggressive. Front bumper is very vital, but do not forget also the rear bumper. With modified rear bumper, Honda Jazz you can look more sporty and have a style of racing. Finally, make the bumper look fiercer with two mufflers on the left and right.

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